Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Bear Trax 20K - Lapham Peak

Race Report by Todd Egnarski...  Several LPTRs ran in the Bear Trax 20k.  Brad Birkholz, Ron Bero, Julie Treder, Jim Blanchard and myself. It was one of those perfect runs. It had rained hard for the last week and was still at it at the start of the race. My guess is some puddles were 6 inches deep. The course held up quit well considering the number of runners.  The race committee was planning for 100 and to their delight had close to 400. They also had chip timing so none of the volunteers had to stand in the water to get your number. The race raised money for a good cause and fun was had by all.

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2009 Chipewa Race Report - by Race Director, Wynn Davis

This Race report was copied directly from the website...


They said it was supposed to be easier this year with no snow. Mother Nature did not disappoint on race day. She must have had some solace for our attrition last year. Temperatures stayed relatively cool with mild overcast this year. The trail conditions were sweeter than a plate of pancakes with extra syrup. The trails were firm and particularly tasty for many runners who would be taking to their longest trail run on terra-firma that was not white in quite awhile. In factthe welcoming trails probably led to the robust pace that was set by the lead pack. We had both returning male and female champions in the race this year along with a record showing of 150 starters. Spectators are able to get a great view ofthe runners below the bluff of the interpretive center watching the action unfold and cheering on runners. At mile 26.5 it was John Storkamp and Andy Holak. They were closely followed by Chris Gardner and Matt Howard. They alllooked totally trashed from pushing the pace. Perfect! This is they style of racing I love. The question was who could hang on the longest as leads exchanged between the next two aid stations.  

Meanwhile the women’s field was being dominated by returning champion Helen Lavin who would go on to retain her title and improve the CR she set last year. With two miles to go it was obvious that if Andy could hold on and make one big effort up the infamous hill I decided to throw in the year before the finish he would win the race and set the new CR doing the 40 and over crowd proud. After cringing up the climb it was looking like Andy could achieve my hopes of someone breaking sub 4hrs. A stiff upper lip and a last ditch sprint of the “septic” moraine to the finish line, Andy broke the tape. He was followed closely by Chris Gardner who made up ground on the final stretch. The boys from Duluth did justice this year.  It was a great year once again filled with camaraderie, good eats and another beautiful run.  This section of trail serpentines through over 55 different lakes and many runners caught glimpses of sand hill cranes.  Race proceeds go back to the Ice Age   Trail for maintenance, building, and land acquisition.  

Monday, April 20, 2009

Double Chubb 50K

Named for the Chubb Trail in Eureka Missouri, The Double Chubb 50K run varies from  gravel service roads to  dirt trails that wind through the hills along the Meramec river.  LPTRunner Joel Lammers was last year's Masters Champion, and Christine Crawford was the 2008 women's champion and current course record holder.

The 2009 version featured a new course and with it, an opportunity for a new course record.  

Despite a wrong turn, Christine dropped 7 minutes off her time from last year.  She again was the top female, taking first place and setting the standard on the new course.    Joel dropped nearly 4 minutes off his time from last year as he finished 5th overall,  and LPTR new-comer, Jim Ricker, pulled in 9th place for another strong showing.

 Christine Crawford  4:34 (First Female)
 Joel Lammers 4:18 (#5 Overall)
 Jim Ricker 4:37 (#9 Overall)

A link to the Official Results including the Masters rankings will be posted as available.

LPTR's at Boston Marathon...

We had six LPTR's compete this morning at Boston... 

Brian 3:19:17

Brad  3:23:28

Becky 3:25:52

Julie  3:27:54

Todd 3:32:32

Robin 3:36:43

Hope to get some race reports as available!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Zumbro 100

Perfect weather greeted the 13 starters of the inaugural Zumbro Bottoms 100 near Wabasha MN.  Sunny skies and low 50's was more than race director Larry Pederson could have hoped for.  

Building off his experience as the director of the Superior Sawtooth 100, Pederson assembled this early season 100 miler on a challenging  course featuring lots of steep climbs and wicked descents.  Loose rocks and sandy soil tormented the runners as they completed 5 laps of the 20 mile loop with a 34 hour time limit.  

My brother, Steve Grabowski, set this race as his first attempt at 100 miles.  His goal:  Finish a 100 miler under the time limit this year to qualify for next year's Arrowhead 135.  (the Grabowski's have never been that bright...) 

The eight AM start time ensured everyone would get a full night on the trails - (A theme repeated with the Midnight start of the 100K).  

Steve knocked out the first 71 miles without much incident using a steady comfortable pace and diligent calorie intake and hydration.   He had one rough patch shortly after this point as the temperatures dropped to the upper teens and he got behind on his food and water.  Shivering and nauseous, Steve didn't panic.  He took extra time at the next aid-station to sit down and re-group.  The aid-station volunteers were incredible, helping him to get warm and reset his system. 

 Rehydrated and recharged, Steve  set about grinding out the last 30+ miles.  His biggest challenge ended up being his feet, which were blister free, but aching from the beating delivered by the rocky trail. 

He still managed to alternate running and power-walking the entire way, finishing it off right around 30 hours and 20 minutes.  Mission Accomplished - Congratulations Steve!

A link to his race report ...

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Mad City 100K

The 2009 version of the the Mad-City 100K had one very significant change - It was 31 miles short.  The race is usually doubles as the USTAF National Championship for 100K, however, due to some scheduling conflicts the race took one year off (it returns as the 100k National Championship in 2010) and took advantage by offering a 50K.  
The past couple of years also offered blizzard-like conditions with cold, wet and windy weather blasting the runners over the 10K loop course.  It stands to reason then, that this years shortened race would have near ideal conditions with sunny skies and moderate (for Wisconsin in April anyway...) temperatures.

Julie Treder and Brad Birkholz both toed the line and came through with great performances.  
Julie placed fourth in the  overall Women's competition and 
second in the Women's Open Division.  Her time was 4:21:06.
Brad Placed third in the Masters Division and was the seventh male finisher overall clocking 4:14:31. 

Full results at:



2009 Trail Breaker Marathon

Early April in Wisconsin can bring some sketchy weather - But not this year for the return of the Trail Breaker Marathon in  Waukesha, Wisconsin.  The race was back after a one year hiatus and LPTR's enjoyed great conditions and solid performances.  

The Marathon is held primarily on the paved Glacial Drumlin Trail with one 6-7 mile stint on the Ice-Age trail.  The off-road section should be very familiar for the LPTR crowd as it snakes through Lapham Peak State Park.  The out and back course has a turn-around at the top of the look-out tower - The very one pictured at the top of this blog!  Participants ring a bell at the top and head back down to retrace their steps for the final 13.1 miles. 

LPTRunner and defending champ Bruce Udell led the local contingency, finishing 5th overall with a time of 3:06:24.   Group runners placed 5 in the top 15:

Chaz Heckman      3:14:42   7th
Jim Kischbaum     3:16:32    9th
Ron Bero                 3:26:16   12th
Joel Lammers        3:27:28   13th

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Clinton Lake 30 Mile Trail Run

Joel Lammers and Christine Crawford headed to Illinois last weekend for a Flat-lander's race that was anything but flat.  The 30 mile event was held on a 10 mile loop with 1500 feet of elevation gain each time around.  While the hills were not tall, they were constant.  The relentless grind of up and down boasted 99 hills on the course. 

 Rain late in the day made for muddy conditions for most of the runners - But not for Joel and Christine - They were finished early!  Joel finished fourth overall with a 4:25:30 and Christine was next with fifth overall, and first in the women's competition, clocking 4:29:50.  Her effort set a new course record!  Copy the link below and paste to your browser to read the Clinton Lake 30 official race report.