Thursday, May 21, 2009

2009 CellCom. Green Bay Marathon

LPTRunner Chaz Heckman blitzed the The 2009 CellCom Green Bay Marathon with a 2:52:53!  The last mile of the race includes a trip down the tunnel and onto Lambeau Field where runners make a clockwise lap around the field then back through the tunnel to the finish line outside the stadium.   Race Report and photos from Chaz to come?!?
Full Results at :

Sunday, May 10, 2009

2009 Ice Age Trail 50

The 2009 Ice Age Trail 50 had a huge LPTR presence with 20 runners participating on Saturday.  Our group placed an amazing 9 runners in the top 25 of the 50 mile.  

Christine Crawford  defended her title, grabbing first place in the women's 50 mile competition and 8th overall in 7:33:42.  Julie Treder cracked the top five as well, placing forth in the  women's field and first in her age division (41st ov., 9:03:38).  Angela Barbara (141st, 10:58:58), Deb  Vomhoff (144th, 10:59:39) and Beth Simpson-Hall (153rd, 11:07:13) all finished within 10 minutes of each other, adding yet another race to their long ultra running resumes. Beth added some hardware as well, taking 2nd in her age division.

The men were led by Dave Dehart.   Running from behind, Dave methodically moved up through the second half of the race with negative splits.  He picked off runners one by one  to take 5th overall in 7:20:57.   

Two more LPTR meplaced in the top ten including Joel Lammers (6th, 7:28:46) and Jim Kirschbaum (9th, 7:44:40).   The next three group runners finished under 8 hours.  Easily the best looking runner of the group, Kevin Grabowski, (just checking if anyone really reads this...) placed 11th (7:48:59). Robert Wehner took 12th (7:49:54) and Ron Bero was 14th in 7:57:29.  Bruce Udell and Jim Ricker notched their first 50 milers taking 20th (8:23:03) & 23rd (8:31:31) respectively. 

Competing in more ultras already this year  than most people do in a full year, Brad Birkholz knocked out another one (35th, 8:51:09). Jeff Mallach dropped over 50 minutes from last year's time (90th, 10:01:23), Casey Schutte ran 10:02:47 (92nd) and Jim Blanchard finished in 148th, 11:03:23. 

In the 50K, Brian Seegert placed 10th overall and second in his age division with a 4:49:03, while Trish Diaz and Jamey Anderson earned their  trail ultra-marathoning credentials by completing their first attempts in 6:31:16  (57th) and 6:31:17  (58th).  

(Photos from the Ice Age Trail Run by Bill Flaws - RUSA Webmaster)
Full results can be found at the Ice Age 50 website...

Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Ice-Age Cometh.....

Just one more day before the 2009 Ice Age Trail 50 kicks off.   The Lapham Peak Trail Runners will be well represented with a big group running on Saturday, including both of last year's men's and women's champions, Joel Lammers and Christine Crawford.    The  weather forecast looks to be near perfect with partly cloudy skies and highs in the mid fifties.   Good Luck Everyone!!