Friday, December 5, 2014

The Bunk House...

A message from LPTRunner, Kristine Hinrichs...

Hello everyone!  I am sending emails to several groups of Tom and Lorraine Bunk’s friends so (unfortunately) some of you will receive more than one of these notices – forgive me, it IS for a good cause!
Many of you know that Craig Swartwout and a bunch of us have been working on a suitable memorial for Tom and recognition of what Tom and Lorraine have done for the running and “outdoors” community.  Working with the DNR, we have identified a special project.  We will raise funds to build a heated shelter at Scuppernong!!  The shelter will be similar to the one at the Nordic and almost identical to the ones at Zilmer and under construction at McMiller.  It will be in the clearing near the bench that Tom constructed in Gardar’s memory – the area where we set up the KM100 aid station. 
In order to do this we need to raise $40,000 – yep that is a lot but we know that we can do this.  We already have $16,000 committed with donations from the tBunk Endurance Challenge, Badgerland Striders, Kettle 100, and just a few individual donors.  Jeff Mallach will also be offering Ice Age runners the chance to get their contributions matched up to a total of an additional $5,000 (thanks also to the Striders).  
If we can raise this $$$ by March, 2015 we can get this done in 2015.  
This is where YOU come in.  Please consider this project for your 2014 charitable giving and consider a gift in early 2015 as well.
The Kettle Moraine Natural History Association (a 501(c)(3)) is the “Friends” group for the Southern Kettle and was identified by the DNR as the appropriate charitable organization to receive the funds for this project.  This ensures that your contribution is tax deductible.  We hope that you are able to make a significant donation to this project so ask that you do it via check to save the PayPal fees – every $ sent to PayPal is one less $ to this project.
·       Checks should be made out to the Kettle Moraine Natural History Association with a notation that it is for the Tom Bunk Memorial.  Anything with Tom’s name will get it into the correct account.  Your acknowledgement will come from them.

·       Send the contribution to:

Kettle Moraine Natural History Association
Tom Bunk Memorial
S91W39091 Hwy 59
Eagle, WI  53119

This is the address of the Forest HQ

For those who need to make the donation on-line, we will have a PayPal link soon and that will be posted on Facebook and on the tBunk Endurance Challenge site  Our Facebook Page will be live soon – Bunk House: Tom and Lorraine Bunk Scuppernong Shelter -

We CAN do this – just think of everything that Tom and Lorraine have done for all of us and our running community.  Think if Tom’s courage in that final ultramarathon of his life. And, think about a warm spot to start our winter runs.  

We know that you’ll help us with this important project!!!