Saturday, March 13, 2010

Gear you must own...

The best piece of gear I own was purchased for me as a Christmas present this year - I have to admit I was under-whelmed when I opened it and was skeptical that it would work... HOWEVER...

Stop what you are doing, and go get a PEET Boot Dryer TODAY!!!!

This thing has saved my running shoes from smelling like a swamp and gets them dry and runnable overnight every time - even if I soak them in the shop sink first.

Its really a simple machine.  The model I have is just 4 tubes with shoe forms on the top.  These forms have holes in them and when you plug the contraption in it allows gently heated air to convect up through the shoes... You almost can't tell the thing is on - It doesn't blow air like a hair dryer.

In the past I have tried stuffing my shoes with newspaper (you have to keep changing the paper) or putting them in front of the register (so everyone in the house can enjoy my shoe stank)...  Invariably, the shoes would stay damp too long and usually developed some hideous bio-hazard smell that made me want to transport my shoes on the roof rack instead of in the car...  Now I don't hesitate to run my running shoes through a wash cycle in the washing machine and rack them up on the PEET to dry - BRILLIANT!

The PEET Boot dryer also works great on gloves and mittens - It's not dirt cheap though.  The 4 post model I have runs around $ 60.00 - But I thinking about buying another one as now that the rest of the family has caught on to how well it works, I keep finding non-running related apparel on my shoe dryer!

Would be fun to hear about any other gear favorites there might be out there... Comment away and share the wealth!


  1. I also own this very same boot dryer and it does work well. However, I had a few issues with the motor failing to start up with the first one I bought. Gander Mtn. exchanged it- no questions asked. So if you buy one, I recommend hang on on to your paperwork for a the first year...Also, the machine also has the option of either blowing 'warm/hot' air or just 'ionized' air, for killing the growth of certain bacteria.Nice for gloves you don't want to shrink...

  2. I agree! Nice item. Mine is still cookin after 10+ years. Back then, there wasn't a four-poster or ionized air option and white was the only available color, but it was $20 and I haven't had trouble with trench foot since.