Monday, June 7, 2010

Old Dominion 100 Mile - Update from David Ruttum

The OD100 went well, like really well. A race report will follow (I
 need some sleep and will write later this week). 

In brief, I ran a 16:52 for
 the overall victory and the fifth fastest time in the 32 OD history. The course was significantly more difficult than KM100, but 
not as tough as Grindstone 100. The weather was a huge factor as it
started in the 70's with humidity in the 70pc range and peaked in the
low 90's and 94pc humidity (according to 

Hot and humid.
I persevered and kept running- like a lot of running. I estimate I
walked about 7 miles of what I would label non-runnable terrain and
ran the other 93. Seriously, other than the 7miles of walking, about
1min at around 10 aid stations, and 15 bathroom breaks (yes, my colon
did not want anything sloshing around in that hot weather- thank god
for leaves!), I ran and ran. 

Thank you guys for giving me motivation
and strength- especially you Dave- "total domination" was my mental
 motto of the day- that and "keep running because I want to finish in 
the light"- no headlamp! Again, thanks for the mental strength and  boost.
   I will send a race report and pictures as the week unfolds.



1 comment:

  1. Now that's how it is done!

    You might be a real fast ultra runner if......
    .... you don't need light for a 100 miler.

    Wow, sub 17 and harder than KM.

    No wonder you can't find a group in PA, you are too fast for them.

    Great job Dave