Wednesday, September 8, 2010

F.X 6-12 & 24 Hour Run

Christine's notes on the day...

I ran around a 400 meter track.  It was a good training run for the North Face 50 miler.  I talked with lots of friendly people, watched my dad achieve his goal of 20 miles and ran with Ryan Dexter for about 2 hours.  His crew gave me two massages during the event and that felt great.  Every 3 hours, Robert has us run around a cone and we changed direction.  It was windy and cool the entire time; lovely weather.  I ate subs and volunteered for a while. Robert is a terrific race director.  That’s about it.  Mary Gorski posted lots of pictures. 

Editor's Note:   LPTRunner Troy Malinowski knocked out his first century run by knocking out 100 miles in the 24 hour competition.   Nice going Troy!!

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