Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Glacial 50k - Marcel Uttech's Race Report

Well I finally made it up to the northern Kettle to experience the Glacial 50k trail run. The weather was beautiful, a tad bit warm in the afternoon but that just made you want to finish all the more. The scenery was amazing, with leaves of bright yellow and gold all throughout the woods, and reds and oranges all over the prairie sections. This race was very well put together, Robert Wehner the race director does an awesome job making this race one you want to come back to year after year. I had the privilege this year of seeing Cassie (LPTR) come out from Colorado and smash the female course record by over 30 minutes, taking second overall! Go Cassie!
As far as my own race, well it was an experience. I started off well, setting a good pace and running with Todd Egnarski. At mile 4.5 I was flying down this hill and my left foot caught something and twisted my foot to the right, I actually heard a slight pop-pop noise and pain shot up my leg. I literally yelped (expletive) and while hopping quickly to keep from going down managed to stop myself and assess the damages. I was so worried that the race was already over for me... I started walking on it and it hurt but didn’t feel extremely bad so I tried running on it- seemed do able so I continued on, figuring I would just see how things went. Well for the next 11 miles I felt pretty good, back on pace and making good time. At around the turnaround point (15 miles or so) the pain started to gradually progress, of course the trails many rocks and roots didn’t help my situation, as I was continually stepping on things that made my ankle wince in pain. At about mile 24 I was reduced to a walk. Running was no longer an option. My ankle was trashed, and I felt like an idiot for trying to run practically the whole 50k on it anyway...I just couldn't bring myself to just give it up. I figured I would run/walk the rest, but my ankle just kept getting stiffer and more painful so I had to walk (more like a lethargic lurch) the last 4 miles or so out of the woods, just watching everyone I had passed throughout the race come on by while I just kept reminding my ego," you are injured, just finish and it’s done”...I felt like a dog straining against its leash to chase some cars…
It’s hard to let it go. It’s hard to finally listen to that voice that says “Hey, I’m hurt here and need some attention!” Our own goals get in the way, a fixation of sorts that throws all good natured caution to the wind. The mind of the trail runner…
Boy you really forget how long it takes to walk a few miles when you get used to running them! My Garmin would beep at a mile and inform me that I was on a 20 min/mile pace-ouch! Seemed like it took forever to get out of those woods! However, I stayed positive and used all my extra time to look around me and take in the beauty of fall there at Glacial that was on display. Big thank you to Jeff Mallach for the water, another hour would have been rough on empty! Once I made it to the road, I managed a slow jog (flat surface made me pretty unconcerned about twisting my ankle any further) and made it into the finish. 6:09. By no means a PR, but I made it. The volunteers were great, so many familiar faces! Had a great time socializing with friends and other runners afterwards, icing the ankle and forgetting about my last  20 min. miles...I would say all in all I had a good race. So glad I didn’t sign up for the 50 mile…I don’t know how you people do it! Congrats to all the finishers, that’s a tough course on the feet. I learned a lot about acceptance at this one, glad to hang my hat on it for the year. Be back next year.
Marcel Uttech

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  1. Marcel, To take on that many miles with a busted ankle is tough. You still has a decent race, and gave to the course what it took. Nice report! - Marty