Sunday, September 4, 2011

FA Solo Iron Man...mud and guts...

Usually this blog concentrates on Ultra-Marathon efforts and LPTRunner Joel Lammers is often leading the crew at one ultra-distance-race or another.  This weekend the run in his FA race was"only" marathon distance, but that, coupled with a 2.4 mile swim and over 112 miles on the bike, made this man officially IRON.  While it was technically a "solo" effort, Joel's wife Sandee crewed all day long and many of Joel's friends came out to run and ride sections along the way.

With a morning start at Ottowa lake in the southern Kettle Moraine State Forest, Joel polished off the first section of his solo Iron-man,  avoiding the thunder and lightning that immediately proceeded it.  The rain would be a constant nearly all day...

Transitioning to the bike, Joel began his ride with LPTR Christine Crawford as company for all of the nearly 114 mile ride.  The trek was with out the benefit of controlled road crossings forcing the pair to stop at intersections, costing time and momentum.  Still, they managed a steady effort all day dodging some of the rain but not mechanical troubles.  A flat along the way proved costly for Joel as the tube repair didn't hold and an hour and twenty minute delay ensued.  Back in the saddles, Joel and Christine resumed and cruised the rest of the way staying just ahead of the thunder and lightning.

Joel crossing Ice-Age trail meadows
The final transition to the run once again took place at Ottowa Lake and the rain stayed as steady as Joel's pace.  The 26.2 + mile course took a short one-mile road section before heading off onto the dirt and mud with some horse trails, the Skupernong trails and the Ice-Age trial making up the balance of the run.  The footing stayed surprisingly solid much of the way with only occasional slippery sections as Joel continued the push to the finish.  The earlier mechanical delay on the bike put the specter of darkness in the mix as the sun set with almost 3 miles to go.  I can only imagine what the passing cars were thinking as they drove by Joel and his head-lamp in the rain and dark as he repeated the final road mile back to the Ottowa Lake finish.

Cruising as darkness closes in...

Success!  While Joel looked solid all day, it must have been quite an effort as he actually DECLINED  an ice-cold Hamm's after the finish!?!?  What!!?!?

Congratulations on an amazing effort Joel!!

Joel and his (significantly) better half, Sandee

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