Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Rocks, Heat and the Glacial 50

Race Report from LPTRunner Troy Malinowski!...

To paraphrase Rocky Dennis, “Three things I hate in life are “Rocks, Heat and the Glacial 50”.

ROCKS!!!! Do I need to say more? My toes are feeling the pain, only no post-race surgery this time as the Dance with Dirt event removed the nails. But within nine miles of Glacial, I could have sworn I dislocated something in my foot, as each step throbbed.

By the time I reached Butler Lake, the pain was affecting my mind, as I came up to the aid station, I filled up on water and saw Ron’s daughter. Having just been passed by Cassie on her return trip, I said “Hi, Cassie” (to Emma Grace, remember mind wasn’t there as usual) as she looked at me glazed eyed ……. “Oh, I’m sorry Emily” …….. I mean Nancy Grace (oh, wait I didn’t say that to EmmaGrace, that’s what I said as I kicked that rock at Mile 7 …. Sorry for the cursing, but then how the heck is she still on DWTS???) ……. And then upset, she stated firmly “It’s EmmaGrace, but I like your gloves”.

So, I refreshed and took off again, but the heat was starting to rise. After making the turn and running back to Butler lake, I was delighted to get ice in my hydration pack and have EmmaGrace shout “You are still rocking those pink gloves” What motivation!! I ran strong through the prairie, but after kicking the rock at Mile 21 / 41, my toes couldn’t take it anymore, as I had to stop and put all my weight onto my left foot while standing on my right foot to try to “adjust” the bones back into place. While the ice from Butler Lake was great, the heat was taking its toll. I made my way back into Green Bush slowly.

So, we have mentioned the rocks and heat. The last thing I (and my toes) hate is the Glacial 50. This race has my number. My Polish heritage just doesn’t work for this race. And while others say “Glacial is my favorite race”, these are the ones running on ugly “pillow” shoes. The past two years, this race has chewed me up and spit me out. I have not been this sore in years.

So, these are the things I hate in life; not the usual race report from me, so let’s add some positive to it. Three things I love in life are Rocks, Heat and the Glacial 50.

The rocks on the course remind us on how fragile we are, how we must stay focused in life and realize in victory, some falls, stumbles and pain must be felt. The heat slows us down to enjoy the beauty that surrounds us. The sun shining, the colorful leaves, snakes sunning themselves along the Ice Age trail and just how long these rocks have live on that trail before I came along to disturb them.

The Glacial 50 simply because of the course and the technical-ness. This brings us to realize just how strong we are and how we can be stronger. And the volunteers; they rock more than the course. And like all of Robert’s races “EVERYTHING” that could be asked for. Well marked course, great aid stations and like someone mentioned at the finish “How does Robert stay thin, with cooking like this?”

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  1. I think the trail is trying to say - "Spend more time with me and I will be kinder to you!"

    Cassie did rock again

    I am glad to have done 50k as I could smile almost the whole way and was brinking beer before it got too hot!

    Recover well!

    Michael Henze