Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Big Cheese at JFK?!

The JFK 50 mile will be run this weekend out in Washington DC and is closing in on its 50th year.  Every year, fast times are cranked out on the tow-pathes along the canal.   While technically a trail run, this one runs more like a road race with minimal elevation gain.  

The size of the field is a factor as well as over 1000 participants typically toe the line.  The buzz around the event attracts high profile Ultra runners and DEEP fields.   This year's competition should be no different and Wisconsin should be well represented.

Our very own LPTRunner, Cassie Scallon, is turning some heads with her stellar performances this year and iRunFar's preview of the race lists her as one to watch...

"Cassie Scallon is one of the field’s dark horses. More or less unknown, she’s run seven ultras in the past year and a half and has consistently placed near the front of the women’s field, including three wins. Of note are Scallon’s 7:45 at last year’s Glacial Trail 50 mile and 4:15 50k last month, also at Glacial Trail. She’s never run JFK, but her beau and iRunFar Coach Sean Meissner has run JFK (6:34 in ’07) and has surely provided her with adequate insight."

Being a dark-horse is perfect - Cassie is flying under the radar a little and it will be fun to watch her give notice!  Go Cassie!!!!!

Wisconsin should have an impact in the men's race as well as Zach Bitter (who claims he will be earning his LPTR sticker this summer!?) will take the USA's fastest 50 mile time this year and throw down with some of the sports biggest and baddest.  iRunFar lists him as a dark horse as well...

"Even more exciting is the biggest dark horse in the field, 25-year-old Zach Bitter posted the fastest American 50 mile time of the year with a 5:26:22 at the Fall Classic less than a month ago. Bitter has only two other ultra finishes, both sub-6:10 50 mile efforts at the past two The North Face Endurance Challenge races in Madison, Wisconsin."

Read the full previews here at iRunFar:

GOOD LUCK CASSIE AND ZACH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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