Thursday, December 1, 2011

Tuscobia Winter Ultra

Midwest ultra-runners Helen Lavin and Chris Scotch have stepped in to save the Tuscobia Winter Ultra after it had been briefly cancelled due to some personal complications that came up for the previous race director.   

The Mid-December event features options for 150 miles, 75 miles or 50k along snowmobile trails between Park Falls and Rice Lake, WI.    Race rules mirror those for the legendary Arrowhead Ultra - This is a no frills, minimal support, tough-as-nails affair for hardy winter souls!  

Great to see individuals from within the Ultra community stepping up to keep an event alive!   With all the combined experience from Helen and Chris, you know it will be a very well run race.  Check out the details here at the event site:

So far only ONE WISCONSINITE IS REGISTERED!!?!?   Represent!!!!


  1. I hear they are serving some top shlef coffee there

  2. WOW this is tempting! I always thought there should be a discount the farther the race is not the shorter ;)) wishful thinking