Friday, January 6, 2012

Numbers don't lie... LPTR 2011

Numbers Don’t Lie... 

·      The Lapham Peak Trail Runners had 43 group members complete at least one ultra-distance race this year.   That number is up 11 from last year.

·      The total number of Ultra-distance race miles covered was 8,343 – Up 290 from last year.

·      Julie Treder led the LPTR’s in total miles raced with an AMAZING 974 miles!!!!!

·      Julie and Brad combined to account for 21% of the total group ultra-distance miles raced.

·      Cassie Scallon had the biggest jump in ultra-distance miles raced with an additional 234 miles more than she did in 2010.

·      Kevin Grabowski had the biggest DROP in ultra-distance miles raced with 305 FEWER than in 2010. 

·      LPTR rookies completing their first ultra-distance events in 2011 were led in total-ultra-distance-race miles by Jose Villegas, with 233 (He edged fellow rookie Jody Taylor by TWO miles).

·      LPTR’s competed well, taking the overall men’s or women’s titles at 9 events in 2011.  Cassie Scallon led the way with 4 ultra wins (In two of those races she beat all the boys as well!!*)

* And speaking of Boys Vs. Girls…
Women accounted for 32.5% of the LPTR “population”, but logged 42% of the ultra-distance miles raced (2 of the top 3 and 6 of the top 10)...  I didn’t even try to count up the” Men vs. Women” DNF totals – Sawtooth alone would tell the story…  
Them LPTR chicks is TOUGH!

Congrats all on a great 2011 - Looking forward to even more success in 2012 -  Let’s crack the 10,000 mile barrier!!!

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