Monday, April 30, 2012

100k World Championships

Nice note from LPTRunner Tim Yanacheck regarding the World 100k in which LPTRunner Cassie Scallon was competing...

Hi, all.  I was at the world championship 100K road race in Italy two weekends ago, when Cassie Scallon ran with the USA team.  Cassie came into the race suffering from a leg injury.  We worked on it the best we could - She started the race, but had to drop out early, due to the injury.

As you may already know, Cassie is a delightful person and tough competitor.  She was extremely disappointed that she could not complete the race. She participated in all the pre- and post-race activities, including the awards ceremony where she and the other 5  American women on the team were presented with their team gold medals for winning first place in the world!  

The USA women's team dominated, with a huge margin of victory over the Japanese, Russians, Italians, and Germans, in that order.  American Amy Sproston won the individual title;  like virtually all the team members (men and women) Amy is a former Division 3 runner.  Cassie is one of the younger tigers who is poised to move up and maintain the USA's tradition of performing well against the rest of the world at the 100K distance; of course, we all hope that she will heal up completely and quickly.

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  1. Cassie, you are a tiger for sure and you have many great experiences in your running life to enjoy. Running is a great vehichle to not only enhance/enjoy life, but to grow as a person and share with other people. Your are a great representative of the new generation of ultra runners. I am very proud to say I know you.