Thursday, June 7, 2012

Kettle 100 Mile - Angela Barbera's Race Report...

Race Report from LPTRunner Angela Barbera...

I enjoy reading others reports. It is great to see what their high and low point was, what they ate, what they thought of etc etc. I am amazed at how the author can remember so much – from every flower identified on the trail to their split at a certain rock. Amazing !! My running reports are just not that specific. My head only remembers butterflies, light colors, full moon, the sounds of frogs and generators, fuzzy conversation, lovely volunteers, and the support of friends.

But I will do my best to write a “report” ….

I do remember that the weather was absolutely beautiful and I had a great time talking with friends through the first miles and then through the meadows. I made it to Scuppernong ahead of schedule feeling great and was so happy to see Jim, Deb, Lorraine, Tom, Kris and many others. They all made me feel good and I was pushed back on the course. I saw Sam at Emma Carlin who helped me fill up my water bottles made me feel good about my running and I was on my way again. 

It was during the patch between Horseriders and Bluff Road that my stomach suddenly decided that it did not like drinking the mixture which has served me well for a couple of years. I had less than 8oz of water that I rationed until I made it to Bluff. From that point until I reached Confusion Corner going out to Rice Lake I felt awful. I was barely moving at 30min per mile. Melinda who picked me up at Nordic was wonderful and supportive…even holding back my hair when I tossed my cookies…or maybe not, that part is kind of cloudy. But magically the soup, the soda, the S caps the special Mary aid station food, whatever it was.. must have suddenly clicked in because at Confusion Corner I started to “run” and then talk and then laugh and I was glad that I was right there with Melinda on a beautiful night in the woods.

The rest of the race was fantastic and beautiful and we shared the trails a long long time with Logan and his pacer Nick. Jose joined our party at Tamarack and Melinda pushed us through the final 5 miles. I was amazed at the 7 minutes miles that we were running. Ok, maybe not 7 but it felt like it. My thanks go out to all the volunteers who assisted all day and all night and to the wonderful wonderful race directors Tim and Jason who do everything they can do to enable each runner to complete their goal. Kettle 2012 was a wonderful success!!

(Editior's note: I had to add this photo of Angela getting her plaque for First Place Senior Masters!
Congrats  Angela and great job keeping her together Mel!!

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  1. Good report, Angela, and congratulations on your achievement. Timo.