Thursday, January 15, 2009

Todd and Connie...

Hello  All TP's--Many of you know fellow trail ultra-runner
 "Tator Todd"-- please add Todd and Connie to your well 
wishes and quick recovery list as he and his wife Connie
 were in a car crash this afternoon.  Todd (after being 
Med-flighted to Froedert) will be released tomorrow. He has
3-4 broken ribs and a big bump on his head.  He is very 
alert and his old witty self--when the nurse asked him if he
 would like some water he said he'd rather have a beer.  
He really wanted to get out this afternoon - he's supposed 
to meet some friends at Lapham at 5pm.  After all it is 
Wednesday night--Lapham Peak Trail Running night--and 
social hour in the warming house.  He will be fine!
Connie was taken to Oconomowoc Hospital then Med-flighted 
to Froedert.  She will need some surgery to repair a broken 
vertebrae  but her spine is not affected--no paralysis.  She 
may have some internal injuries due to the trauma from her 
seatbelt.  She also has a bump on her head from hitting the mirror. 
Please pray for her that she recovers quickly.
The accident happened on Hwy 16 as they were coming home 
from work when an oncoming car lost control on the slippery 
pavement and hit them head on.  They are very lucky to be alive 
in that the car's front is totally smashed and the top of the car 
is caved in.  The woman in the other car is doing fine.
Please let me know if you wish for updates on Todd and Connie
---I will keep you posted off "list".
   Take Care--stay warm!  DEB

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