Wednesday, March 18, 2009

LPTR's Recognized in UltraRunning Magazine!

UltraRunning magazine’s March issue features a year in review section that documents the best ultra performances in 2008.  Wisconsin and The Lapham Peak Trail Runners were well represented!  Great to see local names showing up on the national scene…Here’s a sampling….

Christine Crawford was ranked 13th nationally in the Women’s Runner of the Year Category.

Christine also ranked second nationally in total number of Ultra wins for women in 2008 with 6 (I think this was actually missing one more win that was not reported…)

In the 50-mile Women’s category, Christine had the NUMBER ONE 50-mile performance in the U.S. last year with her 6:53 at Door County 50.  This was the third best women’s 50-mile time IN THE WORLD last year!!!

Her Ice-Age 50 time was ranked in a graded category as the 15th best nationally and her Kettle 100k time was ranked 18th.

The winners of the 100 biggest ultras in the country were listed.  The winner of the 16th largest was Joel Lammers at the Ice-Age 50.

(The Ice-Age Trail 50 Mile race was the 5th largest 50mile race in the country in 2008.)

Beth Simpson turned in the 70th best 100 mile women’s performance in 2008 with her 23:28 at Rocky Raccoon.

Wisconsin ranked 8th in the nation for total number of ultra finishes in 2008.

There was NOT a category for per capita beer consumption or I feel LPTR’s would have been even better represented!!

Other Local Wisconsin runners recognized nationally for performances were Tom Bunk, Lorraine Bunk, Roy Pirrung, Ann Heaslet & Mary Gorski.

WOW!!! We are in some elite company - Not to mention the amazing performances we hear about all year long from this group.  Awesome!


  1. How did Minnesota fare? Congrats LPTR's!! Looking forward to seeing a lot of you at Ice Age 50.

  2. Joe Ziegenfuss, David Holeman, John Storkamp, John Maas, Andrew Davis, Julie Berg, Helen Lavin Rochelle Worth, Kelley Mortenson, Eve Rembleski were the Minnesota runners I saw... Not sure how many of them are local to the Twin Cities where you are...

    The Afton 50k was the 45th largest Ultra and the Voyageur 50 mile was 65th...

    Don't want to start any border smack-talk, but a badger would kick a gopher's ass any day... Of course since you were born and raised in Wisconsin, you already know this....

  3. By any chance, did Kelly get listed among the women? He hates that.

    And who'd win in a fight between a Viking and a Packer of meat?