Monday, February 15, 2010

PsycoWyco Weekend - Christine Crawford's Race Report

Had a great time getting dirty in KS this weekend.  Flew in to KS on Friday to surprise some of my friends from IL (the Buffalo running group).  

The trail was excellent.  Not as difficult as it is billed to be, but definitely a challenge when it's muddy.  I had so much fun laughing at how muddy and silly we all looked as we ran around the park.  The volunteers were terrific.  Most of the volunteers were trail runners and had a hand in designing the course.  They cheered for yours truly, the only female cheese head in the crowd.  There were, however, only 14 females in the whole pack!  

Dogs were welcome on the course (part of the course was laid out by the RD's dog, Fester, as he wandered off - ta da - new leg to the course!) and I had one nipping at my heels and breathing down my back for 20 miles, literally.  I included her picture.  

I ran all of it with my good friend Don.  I've been running ultras with him for 10 years.  You would really enjoy the course and the RD, Ben.  I've included a few photos.  

The trail resembled bits of Glacial (except muddy), Ice Age (except muddy), the local horse trails (except, well you get it), double chubb and Clinton lake in IL.  It was a blast.

Hey, my first ultra since June!  Kick ass.

Official Results:

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