Wednesday, August 4, 2010

FA Double Feature

Fat Ass Double feature…

No, this isn’t the title to a movie from Joel Lammer’s personal collection; It describes two upcoming events hosted by Lapham Peak Trail Runners, Tom Bunk and Angela Barbera

First up will be Tom and Lorraine’s Anniversary 50k... 

They will be celebrating 50 years of marriage by hosting a 50k at the Nordic trails on Saturday, August 28th.  For any out-of-towners, the start is the same location as the Kettle 100 and Ice-Age 50.  The course will consist of loops around the Nordic trails making a run of less than 50k an option as well. The event starts at 7:00 and will feature 2 aid-stations about 5 miles apart.  Tom has rented the shelter along with a tent and some tables and chairs.  Food and Drink will be available around noon or so, although you are welcome to bring something to share as well.

Next up is Angela's 50 year-old Fat Ass...

Not to be outdone by Jeff Mallach’s well attended Funk Road Fifty last year, Angela will be celebrating her 50th birthday by hosting her “Fifty-year Old Fat Ass” (That was even fun to type!) on Friday night, 5:30pm, September 3rd.  
This one is an optional “sleep-over” as we have permission to spend the entire night at Lapham Peak!   The 50k course will feature the Black-loop, the Ice-Age trail, and some of the mountain bike trails across the road from the Evergreene shelter parking lot.   The fun starts and is aided at the Evergreen Shelter at Lapham Peak.  There will be food, drink and breakfast in the AM! 

Last year we got around 22 people for Jeff’s run – Angela claims she is way more popular than Jeff (not hard to believe really…).  Make some time, come out and run some or all of it – or even just hang-out at the fire-ring. 

Both events will be a blast!!  Gifts are banned – just being there is your present!  If you think you might make it out there for one or both, just drop me a note so we can get guestimate of how many people to anticipate!


  1. I am very upset with Kevin. He promised never to tell anyone about my movie collection. Now Ron Bero and Dave Dehart will be asking to borrow movies from me on a regular basis.

    Looking forward getting some FA later this month.

  2. I think Angela's picture is ripe for a beer label.

    Although, I am not sure how my kids would feel if I asked them to join me in going to Angela's Fat Ass.

    They would not think twice if there was a tire swing involved.