Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Sometimes there is so much to do you choose to do nothing.  This is the state of affairs when considering the multitude race reports that could be posted by LPTRunners over the past few weeks.  

Julie and Brad started the onslaught with their finishes at the Wild Duluth 100k on October 22nd.  The pair finished 4th and 5th respectively.  This is the second year for the event and Julie and Brad have competed both times. (Official Results)

Next up was the monster weekend in early November that had nearly all the LPTRs competing at one distance or another. 

The Bergkonig - or mountain-king 10k was held in our back-yard at Lapham Peak.  Several LPTRunners were represented with Todd getting top LPTR finisher honors in a 5th place finish overall.  (Official Results)

Marty Kanter-Cronin rolled through another ultra finish, logging a top-five finish at the Owen Putnam 50k held in Spencer, Indiana. (no results yet...)

A large contingency also attended the Mountain Masochist 50-mile in Virginia.  No need for map-quest on the way out as this was Julie Treder’s 10th time at the event!  Amazing for anyone, let alone someone in their mid-thirties!  Great performances all around including Joel Lammer’s leading LPTR finish of 9:15 on the 54-mile course (Horton miles are longer than real miles…).  (Official results)

On most weekends my 100-mile finish at Pinhoti in Sylacauga, Alabama would be the longest race (Official Results)… Or perhaps David Ruttam's finish at Ozark 100 (Official Results) ...HOWEVER… Craig Swartwout completed a 202 mile geosynchronous orbit around the Nordic trails from Thursday through Saturday.  Running loop after loop, he covered the total distance in under 60 hours with less than 3 hours of sleep the entire way.  Try watching movies on the sofa for 60 hours – It’s not easy… Running for 60 hours?!?!  Huh!??!  While he did have pacer help, it was a solo race effort so I guess he won the overall AND set the course record!!?  When asked why he ran 202 miles instead of the 200 miles that was planned, Craig dead-panned,  “Just in case someone wanted to come out and top 200 miles next weekend.”   Um… Craig… I think you are safe on that one…

Anyway – Sorry for such a quick over-view of the recent events.  Still hoping there may be some individual race reports out there.  In the end, it’s more fun to run than to write about it! 

As the year wraps up, the numbers geek in me was thinking it would be fun to add up the total the number of miles raced collectively by the group this year.  Please take a minute to list your total number of ultras raced in 2010 along with the cumulative distance.  Should be  a HUGE number just with Julie and Brad!!  I know there are more races to go and that the year isn’t over (Good Luck at Hellgate 100k Robert!!!) – but I can just add on as we wrap up 2010…  

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