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The Gear-Head post turned out to be a popular one and has even been credited for a few recent LPTR purchases… However, it’s possible (though HIGHLY unlikely) that there is more gear out there that I don’t have and haven’t recommended (yet).   Here’s some more Gear Favorites forwarded to me from the group…

Adam Sullivan: Head to Toe…

What can I say?  It's a hat but it's an awesome hat.  I went through 3 or 4 different running hats before I finally settled on this one.  I lost my first at the Chicago Triathlon last summer and quickly bought a new one in time for the Superior 50.

Awesome sunglasses.  Tons of colors and lenses available.  I would like to get a polarized or vented pair but for now my smoke colored lenses are just fine.

Sure it's not a Fenix but I like it so far.

Smaller but very lightweight.  The new (2011) version is way better than the old one.  Pretty bright for a very small package.

Shirt:   Go Lite Wildwood
Of Course this was already covered.  Awesome shirt, just bought my 2nd one.

Shorts:   Patagonia Ultra (2010 version)
Tons of pockets.  Great liner.  Retain water a bit quicker than other shorts but don't get weighed down or heavy.  All around awesome shorts.


Editors note.  I am appalled.  Get some socks. Your feet are fizzing…

The BEST minimalist trail running shoes available.  Merrell is really embracing the minimalist/barefoot movement and bringing a ton of great products to market that are true zero drop shoes with great protection and grip for the trails.  I don't run in anything else

Hydration:  For shorter runs I use the Ultimate Direction Fast Draw Plus
Good water bottle (although mine tends to leak).  It's the second one I've owned after losing the first.  (I'm an idiot)

Longer runs bring out the Ultimate Direction Wasp.
64oz reservoir.  Tons of storage.  Really great pack that doesn't bounce.  I bought it after reading the reviews at probably half a dozen times.  Can't go wrong with this one.

Angela Barbera:

 dirty girls gators
$17- nice variety of patterns - something for everyone. No cords underneath the shoes...fasten with velcro on the shoe. You may want to get some Gorilla glue to fasten it permanently on the shoe.

No need to worry if short or long sleeve is needed for the day or part of the day. Use the MoeBen Sleeves. Wear them up or push them down if not needed. Some great material. You can also jam icecubes in the sleeves to keep you cool on HOT days. Great variety of patterns.

My favorite toilet paper! EZ Towels

Gabriel Bellido: My two recommendations are related to shoes and socks.

  The shoes I like the most are the Brooks Adrenaline ASRs (,default,pd.html).  Moisture control is one of the key things for me in a trail shoe.  With the ASRs, doesn't matter how long the run, how many puddles of water you step into, they will eventually dry up or at least your feet will not be as wet as other shoes.   The pair I have is 2.5 years old and have been with me in the three official 50 K's I finished and also in the unofficial 50K (in 2009 I signed up for the DWD Devil's Lake marathon, got lost three times and ended up running 31 miles!?!).


The socks that work for me winter or summer are:
 Feetures Socks

  Like the Wright Socks from Kevin’s Gear-Head post, these socks don't last too long but they really protect your feet and keep them dry.

Steve Poulter:
 For Joel and Dehart, I Love my flannel running shirt!:

Kyle Roberts:  Got to put the Vibram Fivefingers Bikila in there:  #1 best
 way to strengthen your feet!  What people usually find when they start
 wearing them is that these shoes make their feet a bit sore, which is a 
 thing.  This means it there is a weakness that is being addressed.  Once a
 person is able to wear the Fivefingers all day (this may take a couple
 of weeks
 or more) then their feet are much stronger which will make them a much 
 efficient runner, and better able to withstand the rigors of running!
 Truly, should be a required piece of gear for all runners.

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