Friday, May 11, 2012

Procrastination Race Report(s)...

LPTRunner Tina Heil finally got around to catching up on her 2012 race reports! ...

I’ve been meaning to write a race report since January. I guess I’m a bit of a procrastinator. Better late than never! Here are my Trail Highlights of 2012: Part I.

January 15, 2012: Triple D Winter Race, 50K, Dubuque, IA
I got peer-pressured into this one. My friend was training for Arrowhead and it was a perfect excuse to hang with her for 50 kilometers. I was also in need of a weekend away and needed to get my rear in gear (I was in hibernation mode). There appeared to be a very generous cut-off time so I figured I would walk the distance if needed. The course was flat with just enough snow and slush to make it a little more challenging. Along with my friend, I made it to the first check point (mile 22) feeling pretty darn good. Turns out we were the first ladies to make it in. I was feeling a little torn as I was looking forward to an adult beverage (free bar tabs for all participants at both check-ins and the finish), but considering that I am NEVER one of the first female finishers I declined the Wild Turkey. The second check point (marathon finish) came along and same deal, so we kept the momentum to the finish. I believe we were the only gals to complete the 50K and I am pretty proud of that. Check this race out if you’re looking for a flat course in the middle of winter… and an open bar tab. The RD and volunteers were fantastic!

February 4, 2012: John Dick, 50K
Ah, this was way more fun than I anticipated. It was a beautiful day to run and I felt lucky to have company along way. I thought I would get tired of the loops, but it was awesome to see the race as it progressed and so many familiar faces. And Robert’s vegetarian chili – perfect way to end the day!

March 10, 2012: Prickly Pear, 50K, San Antonio, TX
Paul and I planned a short trip (run-cation) to TX to visit my aunt & uncle, which is how we came across the Prickly Pear. Paul had high hopes of running his first 50K, but unfortunately injured his ankle the day after we sent in our registration.

Rainy and gloomy with temps in the 40s… perfect conditions for this Wisconsinite! Or so I thought for the first 6 miles before I encountered The Mud. The Mud was the mud of all mud. It was only a 2-3 mile stretch of mud, but the course consisted of 3 loops. Luckily by Round 3 the rain had watered it down enough for me to easily to win the battle. I came in third overall female, which was also an unexpected surprise. Guess the crappy weather got the best of those Texans. I had a lot of fun, the volunteers were awesome and the post-run fajita party was great.

March 24, 2012: MS Run the US, Fat Ass 50K
Fun times running with my cousin-in-law Amy! I still can’t believe she decided to run it… after only running (not even) half of the distance. She’s cool and I’m super proud of her!

April 28, 2012: Chippewa Moraine, 50K
This was a great event! I’m happy I decided to make that Black Friday purchase – it was well worth the money. The course was so beautiful and it was great to see so many LPTR people representin’. Paul was hoping to run the 10K, but ended up handing it over to Dennis. (Congrats Dennis on your first ever trail race!) Can’t wait to go back for this one… Chetek happens.

Hoping to stay healthy and happy so that I can write Part II!

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