Sunday, April 25, 2010

20K at Lapham Peak - Bear Trax 2010

Race Report by Marcel Uttech:  

“70% chance of rain all day…boy this is going to make for a nice wet race!”

Actually, the rain held off long enough for practically everyone to finish. The conditions were ideal- muddy trails and great people running on them. This was my first time running this race, and I have to admit that afterwards I understood why Julie Treder was there, albeit sore legs and a bit fatigued yet from Boston. The race was very well put together, easily marked, and nicely handled. I met some great new people out there, as there were all kinds that showed up for the 20k. I guess it was short enough to be tempting, and long enough to make you think about pacing, especially if you happen to be new to Lapham Peak’s hills.

There were some good sized puddles, and although I didn’t see anyone go down I sure saw a lot of people sliding around here and there, myself included. It ended up just misting all day, treating all us runners like fresh produce at the local grocery store. I watched as Steve Poulter completed his first trail race, and believe we may have hooked another runner to the trails of Wisconsin (he informed me that they don’t have trails like that in Georgia). There were 3 aid stations, all well manned by enthusiastic adults and children alike, who didn’t mind standing in the rain offering words of encouragement and cups of Gatorade! Well done.

I believe there were 3 of us LPTRS who ran it today- Julie Treder, Ron Bero and myself.  I know that the most of you are saving yourselves for Ice Age- however, if you ever get a chance to run this one, take advantage. Not only is it for an awesome cause, it’s sure nice running on the home trails…special shout out to that guy in the bear costume, I still can’t believe he whooped up on practically everyone there and ran the whole thing in that costume- my mind is blown.

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