Sunday, April 18, 2010

Once, twice, two times the Chubb. Double Chubb 50k - 2010

Race Report from Kevin Grabowski…

West Tyson County Park outside of St. Louis Missouri is where the Chubb trail is found.  One out and back is 25k and two times the Chubb makes for a Double Chubb.

The double theme is also reflected in the dual personalities of the terrain covered as the trail features long ascents and descents on Superior-Sawtooth-like rocky technical followed by stretches of flat and fast hard-packed dirt. 

The LPTR road crew consisted of Double Chubb veterans Joel Lammers and Christine Crawford along with myself as a tag-a-long.  Both have been past champions and Joel has done every running of the race in its 12-year history.

Christine was the defending champ and course record holder.  She claimed the women’s overall again this year, clocking a 4:39 in another solid performance as she patiently builds back up after last year’s broken hip at Kettle 100.  

Joel and I ran much of the first 27+ miles together, but he was able to push it on the hilly and technical section after the last aid-station.  He quickly put a nearly three-minute gap on me (and he doesn’t do stair-repeats?!?).  Joel’s finish time of 4:04:30 was good for 4th overall and I followed up in 5th with a 4:07:15. 

As great a race as this is, the post race measures up as well!  The grill was fired-up with burgers & brats.  Joel found a cooler stocked with that fancy Bud-light and showed why the race could be renamed “Double Chug”.

Thanks Joel and Christine for letting me tag along on this one – Well run race, great trail, and good company! 

Christine's "diary" of the trip events follows here for those who need to know...

The boys talked about running, the Double Chubb course and sports.  Christine drank RockStar, tried to find my happy place because I could care less about basketball and sang the Milkshake song, Jam on it and meowed the 1st and 2nd verses of You Shook Me all night long.  Then Kevin joined me in a few verses of White Lines.

Met up with my good friend and accomplished runner Ellen Erhardt for dinner where Joel sampled all the BBQ sauces on his finger, Kevin ate more than he should have and Christine and Ellen laughed hysterically at very childish, naughty things.  Kevin and Joel then ate some more.

Ellen and I caught up on life and indulged in lame shows such as Americas Next Top Model as we giggled some more doing our best Tyra impressions.  The boys did the same thing in their room.

I felt great although still managing some pain.  Joel and Kevin felt and looked great.  Ellen looked super cute and was ready to enjoy the day as she just ran a 50 miler the previous weekend.  There were some really, really fast boys out there.  Joel lead Kevin most of the way.  I ran a comfortable pace and never felt tired.  I just stayed nice and relaxed and loved eating gels, swinging my water bottle around and being picked up by one of the lead guys when I fell. sweet!  Must have been the flowers in my hair.  Kevin and Joel looked as if they were pushing each other a bit in the final leg.  Joel came out on top in 4:05, Kevin close behind in 4:07 and I finished in 4:39.  I forget Ellen's time but she was just out for an easy jog/walk.

We took showers.  I'm not sure what Joel wanted with the loofah as he entered the men's showers with Kevin.  None of my business I guess.  After we cleaned up, we drank some beers, had lots of grilled meat and enjoyed the company of the RD's David and Victoria White as well as the company of all the other runners.

I've never seen such a disgusted look on Joel and Kevin's face as when I farted in the backseat and OWNED it.  Payback boys.

Official results will be posted as available on the race web-site here.


  1. You left out

    "on the way down, we all had fun at Matt's expense how Christine can school him 2-1 on "Cindy""

    I think Joel's expression in that picture is "What? No Schlitz?"

    I thought double Chubb meant Kevin and Joel

  2. Christine's photo with her cross-fit shirt was just for you MP! :-)

  3. What do you really remember about the post-race celebration? With all the pink, blue and green in Joel's picture, it looks as if you crashed a six year old's birthday party. Caption: "Look kid, when I was your age, I had dreams, too. I'm not saying you shouldn't have goals, but this god-forsaken state gets only two US Senators and you want to be one of them!? If you're serious, first thing you do is tighten the security at your parties, there's no way I should be here with my friends."

  4. Christine-you're hysterical!! Congrats to all. Beth