Friday, May 14, 2010

24 Hour - World Championships

The USTAF World Championships for the 24 Hour run were held in France and finished up last night.   Mike Henze of the Fox Valley in Wisconsin was the second American and finished 12th overall, logging an incredible 154 miles and averaging 9:21 per mile.  Scott Jurek was the top American.  Jurek was able to complete 165.33 miles (Ave. 8:43/mile) while finishing second to overall winner Shingo Inoue from Japan who managaged 169.69 miles to average 8:29 per mile.

That 24 hour format -  running circles forever - is not real appealing to me, but the results are amazing!   Wow.

Results Here:


  1. Mike's last 5k was ~22:00.

    His workout log shows 40 mile treadmill runs over the winter and over 900 miles in March alone. It's always the training that gets you through. But man... that is some serious training.