Thursday, May 20, 2010

Massanutten Rocks!: Race Report by Beth Simpson - Hall:

I have wanted to run Massanutten 100 for a long time, but it's date always conflicted with our local Ice Age 50. This year, we figured we'd toss our names in the lottery and if we got in, we'd go. It would be my 25th 100 mile race and I wanted that one to be a "new" 100. The Virginia Happy Trail folk are fabulous people and have urged us to come their way for a race that wouldn't disappoint. The 101.7 mile course is either going up or going down.

There are rocks on top of more rocks that are then balancing on top of even more rocks. Oh yea, they have moss covered boulders too, in case you get bored scrambling across just rocks!  Race temps were in the 80s during the day and didn't dip below 50 at night. I finished in 33:40 and Larry finished in 32:28. Not only did I get a shiny new buckle, but a nice case of poison ivy as well. Larry says he'll never let me talk him into running it again! I'll just let him keep thinking that!!
Massanutten Rocks!

Official Results Here

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