Monday, August 30, 2010

Angela's 50 year-old F.A. 50k - Final Instructions...

Forget what you’ve heard up to now… These are the final instructions for
Angela’s 50 year-old F.A. 50k

Please read the instructions carefully as there have been CHANGES!

The run will start and end at the Homestead Hollow Shelter (NOT THE EVERGREEN SHELTER AS PREVIOUSLY PLANNED).  Angela has reserved the shelter overnight so if you plan to stay, you can sleep in the building – no need to bring a tent.  The shelter has power and lights but no bathrooms.  The bathrooms are located at the near-by parking lot and should be unlocked for the night.   

If you plan to stay the night, you will need to park in the Homestead Hollow parking lot and print the last page of these instructions (email version has the page to print) to place on your dash so that the park rangers know you are part of our group.  Anyone NOT staying all night must leave the park by 9:00pm because the gates CLOSE.  If you want to stay longer and not spend the night, you will have to park at the Park and Ride Lot just south of I-94 (at Hwy C) and run or bike in (you could leave your bike at the Homestead shelter…) 

The run will begin at 5:30pm.  You will need a light unless your name is Zach Gingerich.  There will be water available along the course. There are spigots at Homestead Hollow, the Evergreen Shelter, the parking lot at the Tower, and a water-cooler placed along the Ice-Age trail before Hwy 18 south of the road crossing that goes to Ethan Allen.  Plan to carry enough water to last you 5-6 miles.   There will not be food along the course except at Mile 7 and 24.  Plan to carry food with you.

Attached to the email is a jpeg file containing the course map.  Take a look at it while you read the written description below and I think it will be clear.  I wrote it, so it makes sense to me… but… it may not make sense to you.   Be prepared to ask questions before we begin if it seems unclear…

The Course:  Overview –

The simple version is this: One Black Loop, a long out and back on the Ice-Age and Glacial Drumlin Trail, and one more Black Loop.

Here is the more descriptive version…

The run begins at the Homestead Hollow Shelter and begins with one Black-loop in the normal counter-clockwise direction we usually run. 

Once you return to the shelter (6.8 miles) you head out on the black again, but this time you run until you hit the Ice-Age trail.  This will happen in about ¾ of a mile, after the long straight-away along Butterfly Garden and before beginning the big climbs along the tower.  It’s well marked with the usual Ice-Age Trail yellow blazes.  When you hit the Ice-Age intersection go RIGHT.  This will take you toward the Tower and eventually the Evergreen Shelter. 

You do not need to take the spur off the Ice-Age to go to the Evergreen Shelter unless you need water or bathrooms.  Continue on the Ice-Age trail as it crosses the road at Hwy C.   Watch for the yellow blazes as there are numerous trail crossings – stay on the Ice-Age trail!! You will take the Ice-Age trail for another 2+ miles until it turns to asphalt near Cushing Park Rd.  This is the first turn-around. (Yellow star on the Map – 10.8 miles)

Now you run the other direction on the Ice-Age trail.  This time you continue on, all the way to Hwy 18.  This is about 5 ½ miles away.  There are opportunities for water at the spur to the Evergreen Shelter, the spigot in the parking lot at the Tower and from the water-cooler we will place just past the Ethan Allen road crossing.

Once you get to Hwy 18 (around 16.3 miles) you cross the road and go LEFT/ EAST.   PLEASE NOTE: We usually go Right which doubles as the Ice-Age Trail – but we will be going LEFT/EAST!!  Continue on the bike path 2.1 miles to the TURN-AROUND (Red stop sign on the map – 18.4 miles).  The turn-around will be marked. 

Head back the way you came.  Cross Hwy 18 (20.5 miles) and continue again on the Ice-Age trail.  This time, when the Ice-Age makes the first intersection with the Black-Loop,  you will take it and go RIGHT. 

Take the Black-Loop heading in our normal counter-clock wise direction and run to the Homestead Hollow Shelter (Mile 24.2). 

One more Black-Loop in the normal counter-clock-wise direction and you are done.  31miles – 50k.   Hope this wasn’t too confusing – Angela wasn’t into 4 black-loops and 50 stairs repeats as I suggested?!?!!? 

 Bring some snacks to share if you can – the Homestead Hollow “Aid-Station” will be Pot-Luck.    Anything you would like to bring for after the run to share would be great as well!  Hope to see everyone there!! 

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