Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Dual-Action Double Chubb 50k Reports...

Joel Lammers reports...

Weather: 40’s with high humidity and windy.
Trail: Mostly single track river bluffs and flats along the Merrimac River, somewhat muddy. 
LPTR Injury Report: Probable: Crawford (heel), Lammers (knee).  Out: Grabowski (leg & back)

Race Report: Christine Crawford & I met our friend Don Frichtl in Bloomington, IL and we headed down to St. Louis.  Just outside of St. Louis, we drove through some torrential down pours which would make for a slick track the next morning.

On race day, we woke up to a misty, cool & windy day.  When we arrived at the start, the woods tamed the winds somewhat which made it a good temperature for running.  The race started and we encountered some pretty good footing considering the rain they had received the days before. The bluff section was mostly gravel & rock so it drained well but the wet rocks were very slippery.  When we hit the river flats section the trail was very muddy in some parts and very runnable in others.  As the day went on some areas
seemed to dry out and others seemed to get more slippery.

Don lasted about 8 minutes when he slipped on a rock and twisted his foot. His day was over. Christine ran very strong all day. A good steady pace that earned her 1st OA (4:34) and her 6th DC victory. I went out at a conservative steady pace and worked my way through the field to win the masters and 3rd OA (4:14). I also finished my 13th consecutive DC.

After the race we feasted on grilled meat and Anheuser Bush products.  Not too many people stuck around due to the cool weather so we hopped in the car and headed back home. 

This is a very fun race with a course that is very runnable yet challenging.  We hope to have the LPTR’s well represented again next year.  

Christine's version...

DOUBLE CHUBB 50K           

It seems that every year, I’m getting back into shape at this time.  I was a little nervous going into this event because just a week prior, I became extremely ill on a training run with Robert.  Turns out I came down with the flu but I wasn’t so sure my stomach was ready for a 50k.  I’m also nervous in general when it comes to ultras now because I never know what the heck I’m going to fracture next so that fear limits me and now I find that I can’t run downhill if there is so much as a stick in the way.  I just freeze up.  I guess until you’ve experienced it it’s hard to explain the level of fear you have that you may fall and really hurt yourself.  Or maybe I’m just wising up as I get older? 

Joel has run Double Chubb every year since its inception (I think 11 years now).  I’ve run the event eight times and each year it’s a different experience.  This year was a muddy, humid, drizzly cool year.  After I got my first fall out of the way I backed off and collected myself.  Nothing was broken, just a bruised shin and minor cuts.  I was surprised at how solid the men’s field was.  I think Joel was in sixth after 8 miles.  I knew that would change because he was the more experienced runner of the group in my opinion.  When Joel and I passed by each other (the run is two 15.5 mile out and backs) he told me I was running strong.  I didn’t concern myself with the time, never looked at my watch and only knew that I ran the first 15.5 miles in 2:14.  I’ve run it faster so I didn’t think it was that strong.  As Joel was running back toward the finish, it was no surprise that he picked off a few guys to finish in 3rd with a time of 4:14:??.  I was slow from miles 15.5 to 24 but then felt great and flew through the last 7 miles.  

Nice warm showers to wash of the caked mud at the end and some good eats.  The SLUGS put on a terrific event.  If you’d like to join us next year, mark your calendar.  The event opens January 1st KEVIN and it filled in 10 hours this year KEVIN.  

Enjoy the photos taken by my friend Don who unfortunately had to drop after just one mile; he twisted his ankle pretty bad and could not continue.  

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