Saturday, May 19, 2012

Drive on.

So... since the finish of the Ice Age 50 mile last saturday, we've all had busy weeks and the race now seems a long time ago... for everyone except LPTRunner Craig Swartwout.  He's still running?!?!?!

Continuing his personal quest to see if he can run 500 miles, Craig has been running since 6:00 am last Saturday.  As of this writing its been one full week.  (Let that sink in...  One full week.)

"Up to 420 miles. We are holding him together with duct tape and paper clips! Hoping he will finish early Sun am..." Quote from Craig's wife Mary on Friday night at 11pm...

In a community of people widely regarded as a little nuts by outsiders, Craig may be the nuttiest of the nuts.  Or just incredibly tough.  Or both.  WOW.

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