Friday, May 18, 2012

What happened and What's happening...?

Update from LPTRunner Marty Kanter-Cronin...

Couple upcoming races to get everyone caught up on, and a few results from last weekend too!

Back on May 5th, Ashley Kumlien  ran the North Face - Bear Lake  50 mile race. She came in 3rd place overall woman in the 50 miler and followed that up the next day with the 1/2 marathon! Wowza! And Ashley plans on doing all the North Face races as doubles this year! Way to go Ashley! Washington in June, our own Kettle race in September, Atlanta in October, and San Fran in December. Ashley, let us know how it goes.

Last weekend, there was another race going on besides the IAT here in our own Kettle! Jose and Marcel were down in Gnawbone, Indiana running another Dances with Dirt Race! Apparently the fellas (along with Jodie who ran the bone last year) are trying to do the series! Nice! Marcel placed 7th and Jose placed 18th overall with both winning AG awards! Nice job guys!

That team is also headed to Wyoming on June 14th, along with Robert W to do the Big Horn races in the mountains. Marcel, Jodie, and Jose are doing the 50 miler, and Robert is gonna crank on the Hundo! Good running guys, let us know how you do.

For the rest of you local yokels, we have the upcoming Kettle series on June 2nd. Below find the participant list, although not listed are the many volunteers, and race folks who put on the great event. Also not listed are the many pacers and crew members who will out in force on the day to "Ensure" the runners are properly heckled and hydrated. And, I'm sure the 38 mile night fun run will get more entrants as the day gets closer!

I know Timo had to close the 100 mile and 100 K, for the first time ever! Wow, is this sport popular or what? 358 entrants in the three events! 

LPTR's representing at Kettle this year...
Have a great Spring season everyone, and oh yeah, Craig is still running. He could just keep running until the Kettle race...*

*(Editor's note:  Craig has been running since Saturday morning at 6:00am and as of Friday morning he had covered 384 miles so far... Quote:  "Once he gets under a 100 miles to go, he'll be able to smell the barn."  Huh!??!? - Keep up with his progress here:

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